Swedish Events in Kingsburg CA

Swedish Festival

The Swedish Festival takes place on the third weekend in May. On Saturday there's a Dala horse trot, Swedish pancake breakfast, a parade followed by dancing around a may pole, and a variety of activities to enjoy. 

Santa Lucia Day

There's a Santa Lucia pageant in the local restaurants. Crafts and baked goods are sold on the sides of Draper Street. At 5:30 PM there is a Festival of Lights Parade on Draper Street in Downtown Kingsburg. 


On the longest day of summer in Kingsburg's Coffee Pot Park there is a Smörgåsbord (A Swedish Pot luck), dancing and singing of traditional tunes, and the raising of a maypole. 

History of Kingsburg's name:

Kings River Switch > Kingsbury > Kingsburgh > Kingsburg

Did you Know that the 'Burg' in Kingsburg dates back to the Viking Age and means fortified city?

The City of Kingsburg was established in 1873 as a railroad stop known as the "Kings River Switch". Many Swedish immigrants settled here. By 1921 the town was 94% Swedish within a  three-mile radius. The community was then known as "Little Sweden".