Christmas in Scandinavia

Sankta Lucia

A beautiful young girl by the name of Lucia, lived in Sicily in the third century. She had a great love for Jesus Christ and a dedication to serve the poor and homeless. Wearing a crown of candles to light her way and to free her hands, she carried gifts of food to the persecuted Christians hiding in caves. Refusing to denounce her faith, she was martyred at the age of twenty. Viking explorers brought the story of Lucia back to Sweden. 

In the land of Sweden, Santa Lucia Day, December 13th, opens the Christmas season with a colorful tradition. Very early in the morning, the oldest daughter of the household adorns herself in a long white gown, a red sash, and a glowing crown of candles. Singing the Lucia song, she awakens family members. Serving saffron buns and coffee at their bedside. The festival of Santa Lucia brings to the world a gift of hope and light at the darkest time of the year

In Kingsburg California there's a Santa Lucia pageant in the local restaurants. Crafts and baked goods are sold on the sides of Draper Street. At 5:30 PM there is a Festival of Lights Parade on Draper Street in Downtown Kingsburg.


Nisse & Tomte

A long time ago, in Scandinavia, people believed that house gnomes guarded their houses against evil, and assisted farmers with their work. Though sometimes these gnomes got a little mischievous and would play tricks on them. To keep the gnomes happy, they would leave porridge on the doorstep for them.

Danish Woven Hearts

Made from paper these woven hearts seem simple, but can be difficult to make. More complicated designs require a certain level of mastery and knowledge of geometry. Click here to Learn more. 

Froebel Stars

Froebel Stars are 3D stars made from strips of paper that are woven together and are known by many names. They were made all over Europe and Scandinavia, and were used to encourage learning and help children gain a better understanding of the world.